Leipzig Look to Lock in Angelino

RB Leipzig have made use of their loanees with Patrik Schick being a major contributor but the 23-year-old Spaniard Angelino has won over Nagelsmann so much that the team is trying to lock him into a long term deal. The news comes from SportBILD in Germany as the team looks to reshape itself heading into the 2020-21 campaign.

Angelino joined Leipzig back in January as part of a loan deal with Manchester City. The wingback has spent time away from his club for a majority of his career, most notably with NYCFC early on in their MLS history. His move to Germany was marked with a particular uptick in form. So much so that Nagelsmann has made him a semi-permanent fixture in the lineup.

Despite the interest, Leipzig are looking to negotiate on his fee. Currently it is being reported that Manchester City desire 23 million Euros for the player but the East German club is trying to bring that price tag down. The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected many budgets for teams and Leipzig is no exception. Still, they are hopeful that the deal will go through.

There is also the possibility that Angelino will decide on his own to return to Manchester. The rumors of Pep Guardiola’s departure have taken hold and there is a chance that a re-shaped City side could feature a player of his stock.

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