Salzburg to First as LASK Docked Points

Red Bull Salzburg has moved back into first place in the Championship Round after LASK have had six points deducted due to their violation of training protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic. This move puts their hopes of a first ever championship in peril and gives Salzburg the chance to extend their streak to seven straight titles.

The issue began on May 14th when a video surfaced of players in training violating contact restrictions. The team was training as a whole as opposed to in smaller groups. At first, LASK denied the charges and even went so far as to call the video an act of espionage. Eventually they did acknowledge the violation and prepared for the consequences.

The story may not end here as LASK does intend to appeal the decision. The point deduction was also accompanied by a hefty fine. Whether the point deduction or the fine will be reduced remains to be seen. However, at the moment, Red Bull Salzburg are now in first place with a three point lead heading into the restart of the Austrian Bundesliga season next week.

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