MLS Restart Deemed “Luxurious Prison”

Philadelphia Union’s Alejandro Bedoya held nothing back when speaking about MLS’ proposed Orlando tournament on ESPN’s Banter with Taylor Twellman. The designated player is quite outspoken and represents quite a few of the players’ thoughts on the matter.

“Everyone of us would agree that we want to get back to playing,” said Bedoya. “This all feels a bit rushed. We all need to be partnersd in this. Not just ESPN and Disney, which owns ESPN, is just partnering with MLS to help the owners out and to get games. The players, we’re taking all the risk again.”

The proposed idea that hasn’t been officially released is that all 26 teams would take part in a World Cup-style tournament with Orlando, Florida acting as the location for the event. Along with that would come the isolation for health purposes that pulls players form their families with, in some cases, not even a guarantee of full compensation for their contracts.

“It’s like being in a luxurious prison. Essentially we’re going to be sequestered in a hotel at Disney, not being able to do much. This isn’t normal preseason where we can have the freedom to go out to dinner with the guys, go to a theater to watch a movie or a quick run to CVS.

“This is a straight lockdown for eight weeks minimum, is what they’re asking, 10 weeks if you’re in the final.”

Bedoya also mentioned a proposal that is also in its infancy but has begun to pick up momentum. That is a regional tournament that would allow players to remain in their homes and play at local venues in order to get as many games in as possible. There has been little discussion around that but it appears that both MLS and the MLS Players Union are headed towards a heated battle that could keep football off the pitch in 2020 without drastic sacrifices on both sides.

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