Update: LASK Statement and Espionage Claim

The ongoing saga between LASK, the current leaders of the Austrian Bundesliga, and Red Bull Salzburg continues as the team has denied any wrongdoing while also claiming that they have been the victim of espionage.

“We did not endanger anyone,” said LASK manager Valerien Ismael during a team press conference. “It was just four training session in which we wanted to step things up. It was a mistake. We didn’t want to give ourselves a head start.”

Last week Salzburg as well as several other teams in the league presented video of the illegal training sessions that they believed threw the ability to restart in the country into danger. In a statement the club called LASK’s actions irresponsible and dangerous. Currently there is an investigation from the league and authorities as to the extend of what happened in LASK’s training facility.

The worst case scenario could see LASK not just fined but deducted points. Currently they are three points ahead of Salzburg and are attempting to win just their second title in team history. The team has also performed well in the Europa League despite being eliminated by Manchester United in the knockout stage.

“We didn’t want to give ourselves and advantage,” said team vice-president Jurgen Werner. “We wanted to look at the health of our players. Players have been tested and followed all hygiene measures. Because of the situation, we tried to make sure the players were fit.”

What happens now remains to be seen. However, the league is still preparing for a restart on June 1st where Salzburg is attempting to win their seventh straight league title.

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