Poulsen on Werner: “Everyone has to Choose Their Own Future”

RB Leipzig striker Yussuf Poulsen has admitted to speaking with fellow striker Timo Werner about his future and gave him advice on what to do. After spending years with the East German club, Poulsen has seen many come and go and gave a bit of his advice to Calcio News 24.

“Everyone has to choose their own future,” said Poulsen in the interview. “I can understand Christian Eriksen’s choice. He had been at Tottenham for many years playing great. Every now and then the moment comes when we need to have a change of scenery and take on new challenges.”

Currently Timo Werner is being sought after by many clubs including Liverpool FC and AC Milan. The German striker has wowed scouts and pundits since joining the team in 2016 scoring 71 goals in all competitions.

Poulsen, a Danish player, has strong ties with players within his international pool, thus why he spoke of Eriksen’s situation. After years at Tottenham, Eriksen moved on to Inter Milan which is seen as a club on the rise over the last few seasons.

“Inter are a top Serie A club,” said Poulsen. “Eriksen took a big step forward by choosing the Nerazurri”

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