USLPA Counters League’s Restart Proposal

USL Players Association has countered the league’s proposal to restart which included pay cuts across the board. In a letter posted on their website as well as on social media platforms, the union countered with their own guidelines in order to get things moving.

“Players offered to take a 10% paycut on all remaining 2020 salaries above $2,000 per month in consideration for the following:

“1. The League matching the players’ salary cuts; 2. Club’s agreement to a minimum salary of $20,000 beginning in 2021; and 3. The League agrees to increase it’s bargaining frequency to every 14 days until a collective bargaining agreement is reached.”

The move comes as sports leagues begin preparations to continue their year. In the United States, NASCAR and the UFC are the only sports organizations to put on events. NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and MLS have yet to lay out the groundwork for how they will handle the current pandemic but are working towards the goal of getting games on the field.

USL has taken drastic steps already, including the cancelling of the USL League One season. The new third division would have started it’s second year of existence but have been put on hold. Teams have agreed to return in 2021 but it is unclear how different the landscape will be.

Should the league agree to meet the players’ demands, it would lay the groundwork for the first lower-division collective bargaining agreement in American soccer history. Where it goes from here remains to be seen. However, the players have drawn a line in the sand and leave the next move to the league in order to make progress towards playing again in 2020.

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