Liverpool or Nowhere for Timo Werner

RB Leipzig star striker Timo Werner has reportedly expressed interest in only joining Liverpool FC or staying on for an additional year to test the market in 2021. The report from The Athletic’s David Ornstein broke the news as the Bundesliga kicked off after the COVID 19 delay and as Leipzig failed to garner three points from eight place Freiburg.

Werner has been a sought after player by more than a few teams. For a while it appeared as if a move to Bayern Munich was inevitable. However, the German international decided to sign a long term contract with Leipzig but placed a rather low release clause that sent many pundits into speculation as to when the move would happen. Unfortunately that excitement was removed due to the pandemic but the young dynamic striker can still make the move over the summer if he sees fit.

One matter that remains in question is the structure of Werner’s contract. While we know the first deadline for his release clause has past, there is speculation that his price tag to trigger a release actually goes down in a year. If that’s the case, Leipzig may have one more try at winning silverware with him in the 20-21 campaign.

This year Werner has scored 27 goals in 37 appearances, including four in eight games in the UEFA Champions League. He and the team have qualified for the quarterfinals of the competition, further than they’ve ever gone on the continent.

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