LASK Accused of Resuming Full Training Despite Ban

Red Bull Salzburg has taken an official stance, denouncing the actions of league leaders LASK for returning to full contact training despite restrictions imposed by the Austrian government. Video of the sessions have revealed the violations, prompting a switch response from the current champions.

“We are shocked and bewildered by the behavior of LASK,” said Salzburg Business Manager Stephan Reiter. “For several months we have been working really had together on our future options, not only for the benefit of the Austrian Bundesliga. Clearly not all clubs and people involved are aware of the great responsibility they carry.”

There is no word on what kind of punishments can be levied against LASK but it does throw the potential June 2nd restart of the league into doubt. At the moment plans are continuing forward but Salzburg has logged a complaint and been very vocal about their displeasure.

Currently LASK has a three point lead over Salzburg in the Championship round of the Austrian Bundesliga. Getting back to full training could be perceived as an unfair advantage and one that could cost Salzburg who have reigned as champions for the past six years.

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