Red Bulls officially announce Stadium Upgrades and new food items

It’s crazy to think Red Bull Arena has been operating for what will be its 11th season, however, that is the case. Heading into the 2020 season, fans can expect a host of new features to the in-game experience, including new signage, food, and viewing areas.


A bevy of new food is coming to Red Bull Arena, with a goal of being unique. The most unique thing is getting rid of plastic soda bottles. They will have dedicated soda sections with one game unlimited refills and season long options. It will also be sustainable, removing 1500 plastic bottles.

Fat Rooster, a Delaware North Brand, will be serving a spicy chicken sandwich on a Kings Hawaiian bun.

At the Boardwalk, you will find Salchipapa and deep fried brownie bites.

Skyline pizza will bring a cheese steak pizza option, that is essentially an open face cheesesteak.

Finally a shrimp taco and chicken nachos will he added to the Arenas’s offering.

Structural upgrades

Building off the success of the Blue Point Dock in the southeast corner. The Red Bulls are combining with Heineken to build an open concept bar and viewing area behind section 124.

In addition to the Heineken deck, on the upper level, the Honda deck will provide upgraded seating that will be used by large groups. Additional upgrades will be made in the premium sections between 108 and 111 including a social viewing area above 109 and 110.

In addition to concourse and seating upgrades security and audio and visual upgrades are being made. A new sound system will be installed by 2021 as well as new high def field boards.

Fans will get their first chance to see the new additions this weekend when the Red Bulls take on FC Cincinnati in their first match of the season.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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