Mathias Jørgenson feeling more comfortable in year two

Take a second and think about what you were doing at 18. Now imagine taking that person and moving to a new country, all alone, having high expectations at your job, and being put on the biggest project despite not knowing anyone you are working with.

That is the situation Mathias Jørgenson found himself in when he arrived at the New York Red Bulls.

“For sure it was difficult for me to get in to the team last year and get thrown out an didn’t know the guys didn’t know the country didn’t know anything about the playstyle.”

So while you always hope a new signing especially one with a decent price tag associated to his name contributes right away its important to remember not all signings are the same. Jorgenson needed time to get comfortable and adjust to a brand new life and its clear that year was beneficial. A confidence that was not always apparent last year resonates from Jørgensen voice. 

“For me getting into this great organization has been so helpful for me. Getting 1 year to learn everything and learn how to play in a different country their has been progress. I’m just ready for this year to hopefully be a big year for the club and for me personally”

Not only has Jørgenson had a full year to learn and acclimate he has had a full preseason something he missed last year as he arrived with the team already in the midst of Concacaf champions league play.

“This preseason has been amazing for me. It has been so good for me to know the guys and hopefully we will see that on the pitch”

Jørgenson is still young with a ton of room to grow. He is far from a finished project which he is well aware. However he has settled in a nice apartment with his girlfriend and has adjusted to the little things of life in America. Most importantly he is comfortable in the locker room.

“For me it was difficult you want to be humble when you come as a new guy and you want to maybe be a litle silent at the start and see how everything go. But now I feel comfortable being my self and getting into to the team and the team helps me.”

With the striker position up for grabs Mathias Jørgenson will get a chance to make an impact this year. With a year under his belt he is ready to take the chance and potentially break out in 2020.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography


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