2020: The Season of No Expectations [Editorial]

Now that that post-season is coming to an end, we can finally look forward to seeing Red Bull soccer being played at The Cathedral this season.

The only question is what TYPE of Red Bull soccer is what the supporters are genuinely concerned about. When you look at the current roster, admittedly, there’s really not too much to be excited about. But before we delve into the reasons, I may want to provide a word of sound advice…

Give The Boys a Chance

If anyone is placing any high expectations on this season’s squad, for the sake of your sanity, just please stop. Full stop. Let’s give the team a few games under their belt beforehand. They’ll be plenty of time for armchair coach and sporting director afterward.

Please hear me out, it may be a little hard at first, mainly because of the raw, unbridled emotions that will ensue whenever Armas and his crew face off against some of the elite teams of the league, especially when it’s against their hated rivals, allow yourself to ENJOY the season as the boys take the pitch. I’m serious.

Let them try to surprise you a little, there will be a few missteps to be sure, but those guys are going to give it their all no matter what. They are YOUR team for better or worse, after all. let them try to earn your respect and admiration for all the reasons I stated above before collectively shoving them in your waste bin. If anything, this fan base seems to do that a bit too much for their detriment.

It’s really unnecessary and somewhat unfair to judge them before a single meaningful game is played, and most importantly, a bit unfair. So, let’s all just relax, sit back and watch if this crew has the will and the moxie to get the job done.

High-Priced Talent Isn’t Always Better

Besides, have you considered this: What if this squad was a team full of high-priced mercenaries and box-office superstars that generated buzz and excitement, but (god forbid) underperformed when it mattered? What would you call THAT season? Would you still refer to the club as being “ambitious”, or foolish? Be honest.

I mean, it’s not like it happened with this team before, right? Building a competitive is a much as an art than science. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

So, the best expectation one should set on this season’s team is really none at all. Should the season end as “expected,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, there’s room for improvement, and that’s enough to give this squad a chance. In moments like this, little things like hope and belief come into play. Always has, always will.

Sunday will be a day of celebration, as a new season will be upon us, friends and family will be reunited at a place we ALL call home, and the memories, both good or bad, will be created again. Ninety minutes at a time.

Short of winning the match that’s right in front of them, let’s cheer for the “Boys in Black and Red” as they fight on the pitch for our behalf, and leave those expectations alone until it’s warranted.

Let’s all enjoy the footie for now.

See you all at The Cathedral, cool kids!

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