MLS SuperDraft 2020: Red Bulls select three more on Day 2

The New York Red Bulls selected three more players, all from East Coast colleges, and all who likely were at the Red Bulls’ local.

It’s important to remember, these picks, and likely all of the picks made, will end up signing NYRBII deals, not first team deals. The more they draft, the more they can throw at a wall and see what sticks

Stavros Zarokostas LW/RW URI

With the first pick in the 3rd round, the Red Bulls selected a winger. Zarokostas, from URI, is fast, and a ball of energy. He scored 28 goals and had 17 assists in his career. Watching his highlight tape, it’s clear why the Red Bulls were interested.

Barry Sharifi CM Loyola Maryland

The academy alum may be the first ever former academy player to be drafted by the team they played for as a youth. Sharifi is a 3-time Patriot League Midfielder of the Year, and he recorded 19 goals and 19 assists in his college career. Look for him to get his minutes in the number 10 role for NYRBII, and some as a box-to-box midfielder.

Niko Petridis Winger St Johns

Petridis transferred from U Conn to St Johns, where he finished his career. His stats don’t pop of the page, however, in his highlight tape, you see another direct aggressive winger. Odds are against him, but Jared Stroud made it as a 4th round pick, so don’t count him out.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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