Transfer: Murillo moves to Anderlecht as offseason churn continues

The New York Red Bulls announced today the Michael Amir Murillo’s transfer to RSC Anderlecht of Belgium.

The Panamanian right back seemed destined to move when he fell out of favor at the end of last season, however, his option was picked up by the team. It turns out, that was only done with a sale on the horizon. Denis Hamlett and Chris Armas both thanked Murillo for his service, and Hamlett also stated the funds from the sale would be immediately reinvested in the team.

“The allocation money we receive as funds from this transfer will be invested back into improving our roster in this transfer window,” said Hamlett.

Credit has to be given to the front office for getting value out of an asset that was on its last legs at the club. A European transfer to a decently sized club should bring in a solid amount of money, though a fee was not disclosed.

Murillo also marks one of the first outgoing sales of a player not from the academy. MLS is trending this way with more international players using it as a stepping stone in recent times. It’s good a sign that Red Bull found a player who provided value on the field and off it in the form of a sale. Now they need to do it on a more frequent and consistent basis.

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  1. How much does this actually give them to spend? I’ve read elsewhere that the sale could be in the high six figures if everything goes well, but how much of that does RBNY actually get after MLS takes their chunk?

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