Being Gm: NYRBII edition 2019 [Editorial]

The “Baby Bulls” ended the season in very disappointing fashion. They went 0-4-1 in their last 5 matches, and lost in the first playoff round for the first time in club history. As always, the churn will be significant with the New York Red Bulls II.


Rashid Nuhu: Cut

Rashid backed up Evan Louro, and didn’t really shine. One goalkeeping coach I talked to did not rate him as a MLS caliber player. If he is not an MLS player, it’s not worth keeping him around.

Miguel Silva: Keep

We didn’t actually see him play, but the young Venezuelan came in midseason for a reason. He’s only 19-years-old! Look for him to get a chance to play next season.


Edgardo Rito: Cut

This is probably the biggest controversy on here. The Venezuelan right back season ended with a really bad ankle injury. He did have bright moments, but he turns 24 next season and I’m not sold on him. He has pace for days, but that is about it. In the attacking third, he is one dimensional, always going to the byline off a hesitation/fake cross move. Defensively, he is very reliant on his pace which gets him out of trouble, but also puts him in trouble when venturing too far upfield. Savvy attackers at the MLS level will take advantage of that.

Sean McSherry: Cut

The winger turned right back from Princeton did not do enough to show he could push on to the first team in a year’s time.

Janos Loebe: Cut

He is already 24, and while he did have some nice moments offensively, his defending was often not good enough. He lost his mark often, leading to a number of goals scored against. While his offensive contributions proved important, a defender must defend first.

Jordan Scarlett: Cut

Scarlett got a rare third year with the club. Despite an opportunity to make the case as the top CB at NYRBII, he did not, quickly being passed over by Sean Nealis. If it hasn’t happened yet, it is not going to happen now, and its time to move on.

Roy Boateng: Keep

Boateng battled a long term injury most of the season and limiting his play time as a result. He did flash some potential and it is worth giving him a full season to prove his worth.

Preston Kilwien: Keep

It was hot and cold for the 22-year-old Kilwien. He had some really good games and some really bad games. Kilwien did flash his athletic potential, and its worth giving the 6 foot 3 CB a chance to continue to grow with a second year in the system

Allan Yannes: Cut

Yannes was someone who I thought may be able to jump up to the first team last year. Boy was a I wrong. He struggled to get on the field this season, and when he did, his contributions did not impress. A solid defense first fullback that is probably USL caliber, not MLS.


Jared Stroud: Promote

He has earned a shot. Stroud works hard, and produces on the stat sheet. The only 20 goal, 20 assist player in NYRBII history, Stroud deserves a shot at the first team. If he can become a bit more consistent, he could really make it at the MLS level.

Chris Lema: Promote

The CM struggled a bit down the stretch, but he was solid for a large portion of the season. He would be a solid depth CM at both the 8 or the 10 spots.

Kyle Zajec: Keep

He did enough to earn a second season, but I was not sold and could see him getting cut, especially with some talented CM’s in the college pipeline. A guy like Zajec is the type that usually gets a second year.


Sebastian Elney: Cut

The Maryland striker failed to impress this season. He had moments but mostly looked like a square peg in a round hole.

Amarildo: Cut

The young Brazilian never really broke in. It’s possible they bring him back since he is only 18, but with Omar Sowe, and college guys like Brian Saramago set to graduate, space on the roster is limited.

Photo by John Perdicaro

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