Bragantino Update: Promotion is Around The Corner

Bragantino promotion to the top tier of Brazilian soccer is inevitable. It is just a matter of a few games to confirm that a team managed by Red Bull will be in Serie A in 2020.

The club from Bragança Paulista has been in first place of Brasileirão Serie B for most of the tournament (15W-8D-5L). After 31 matches, Bragantino is six points ahead of the second place Sport Recife, but more important, it’s 14 points above fifth place with seven games left to play. (The top four clubs earn promotion to Serie A.)

The Star

If RBNY has Kaku, Bragantino has Claudinho. He nutmegged while reading his name. The 22 years old has been the engine of the attack with 9 goals and 9 assists in 28 games. Originally a left winger, he is now playing a free role in the middle. He is fast, crafty, and a good finisher. Claudinho proved himself the best player of the tournament by some, and Bragantino has extended his contract.

Here some highlights of his play for both Red Bull Brasil and Bragantino in 2019.

The Future

The Paulista Federation has announced the groups for the first round of the 2020 Paulista Serie A1 tournament and Red Bull Brasil is not there, only Bragantino. This means the clubs’ partnership remains moving ahead in 2020. Something that wasn’t clear when it was announced back in April. However, Red Bull Brasil is listed as one of the participants in Serie A2, the second division in the Paulista pyramid, for 2020. The rules don’t allow two teams under the same management to compete in one tournament so the solution was to relegate Red Bull Brasil.

There is not clarity about what is going to happen to the spot in Brasileiro Serie D (the bottom of the pyramid at a national level) that Red Bull Brasil won as one of the top teams in the 2019 Paulistão.  They also have the option to sell those rights and the Paulista Serie A2.

There is also zero news about a merge for the academies. Both clubs fielded teams for the Paulista youth tournaments and faced each other a few times.

The Youth

Ralf Rangnick must feel good with the development of players in Brazil in 2019. Both Red Bull Brasil U-19 and U-15 teams advanced to the Semifinals of their respective Paulista youth tournaments, something that can’t be overlooked since it means they are at the same level of historic Sao Paulo powerhouses like Corinthians, Palmeiras, Sao Paulo and Santos. The U-17 became eliminated in the third round.

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