Opportunites missed, Red Bulls and D.C. United fight to a draw, 0-0

HARRISON, NJ – Two of the league’s “Original Ten” faced off in what would be a MLS Cup Playoffs preview as the Red Bulls faced off against hated rival D.C. United in their home finale at Red Bull Arena.

First half was a tight and tense affair as it always is when these two sides meet up. But unlike the match back in June, this didn’t have much bite to it as both squads were trying to find holes in each other’s defenses. However, none were to be found as all attempts failed in the final third.

Other than Kyle Duncan’s breathtaking break down the pitch only to be stopped by Bill Hamid, and Ulises Segura trying to sell a penalty from a foul in the box by Tim Parker, but was disallowed by the linesman who had a better view of the play, not much to speak of offensively after 45 minutes of play.

On a corner, Rzatkowski served a nice ball, Lawrence kept it in play, but Parker’s header drifted harmlessly over the bar and Bill Hamid.

In another opportunity by the Red Bulls, Rzatkowski served a great ball in the box, but a absolutely brilliant save off Bill Hamid’s finger tips kept the match scoreless.

By the time the final whistle was blown, a massive opportunity to take a big step to seal fourth place may have gone by the wayside.

The Red Bulls now must travel to Montreal to grab three points before the regular season is concluded.

What went right for D.C. United: 

Neutralizing the Red Bulls off the ball. United’s game plan was simple, keep them off the scoreboard by limiting their chances. Mission accomplished. Their offensive woes notwithstanding, the draw was a win for Ben Olsen’s crew.

What went wrong for the Red Bulls: 

Missed opportunities in the final third. For a team that prides itself with pressing high up the field to cause turnovers, which in fact they did, the finishing was sorely lacking.

Man of the Match: 

Alejandro Romero (Kaku) Gamarra
The midfielder was able to create multiple chances for the Red Bulls, but neither he or his teammates were able to cash one in.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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