Stroud shines and team overcomes second half struggle

Welcome to the 20/20 club Jared Stroud

Jared Stroud had himself a night. A goal and an assist made him the first ever New York Red Bulls II player to record 20 career goals and assists. The goal was a beauty, and a perfect way to cap off a quintessential Jared Stroud performance. Stroud does so much for this NYRBII team from the way he presses to his contribution offensively. His assist started when he turned over a midfielder In the center of the field and led a clinical counter attack. The goal came on a shot Stroud was not going to pass up especially after dribbling out of a shooting chance earlier in the game.

When asked to describe the goal Stroud had this to say, “I have been practicing it the past couple weeks and I did not mean to hit it that high, but it ended up working out. I just wanted to give it a chance”

Practice made perfect and Stroud reached an impressive milestone in an impressive fashion

Second half struggle

Despite the win the mood after the game wasn’t a complete party as the second half wasn’t quite up to the standard expected. After a wild opening 15 New York Red Bulls 2 were able to gain control and create chances in the first half however only converted once. In the second half Charleston did a good job of moving its midfielders around and opening up the game. Evan Louro stood strong and kept the Bulls in the game. While chances were there for both sides against the ball NYRBII were not compact enough or quick enough to react. Coach Wolyniec was pleased with the win but wanted more,

“We still created our chances, which is great, but just missing on some second balls,” said Wolyniec following the match. “A little late to things, getting confused, and not ready for things. We cannot play perfect all the time and sometimes on your little off days if you can still pull off wins especially shutout wins, you have to pat yourself on the back and say hey you are doing a good job, but every time we take a little step forward, I’m trying to move the goalposts a little closer or further away, so that we keep pushing for something.”

It wasn’t until Wolyniec put in Kyle Zajec did the team regain control of the match. Zajec had 4 tackles in his short time on the field and provided the energy to finish off the game. With many players called into first team training due to international absences fatigue could have played a role in the weaker second half however that is no excuse according to Jared Stroud.

When its all said and done 3 points is 3 points and the focus shifts to a road matchup with St Louis that can clinch a playoff spot if they win.

Photo by John Perdicaro

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