Red Bulls continue undefeated streak at Audi Field

The New York Red Bulls traveled this Wednesday night to D.C. for a wild midweek meeting of the Atlantic Cup. Both teams needing points to keep their playoff hopes alive. The pressure was alive on both teams. RBNY knew they had a lot to prove with this game and especially with the Hudson River Derby this coming Saturday at Yankee Stadium.

From the onself of the first half, RBNY dominated possession, as D.C. United sought to use the known Achilles heel of RBNY’s tactics, the counter attack. It took all of 6 minutes for the boys in red to notch a tally on the scoreboard. Kaku took advantage of a sloppy ball that hit off a D.C. defender scoring the goal. Between Kaku and Cristian Casseres JR., these two continued to create a few more chances that unfortunately did not see the back of the net. Casseres Jr. also created chances by taking a shot but not seeing a goal. He was a major factor in the game’s offensive play.

Wayne Rooney also seemed a bit withdrawn which evidently concluded in him receiving a red card in the 23rd minute. Although Rooney received a red card, the Red Bulls were not awarded a penalty kick.. The ball was not in play, apparently when the red was given. The corner was retaken by RBNY not resulting in a goal. This led to an even more defensive play by D.C. United, being 1 man and 1 goal down already not even at the end of the 2nd half.

D.C. United’s Paul Arriola took a shot in the 29th directly at Luis Robles, which was blocked and therefore kept a hopefully RBNY in a 1-0 lead. D.C. United switched their tactics to attack but also did not result in any goal scoring opportunities. Felipe of D.C. United received a yellow card for a bad foul at the 33rd minute, which 3 minutes later, Amro Tarek also received a yellow for a bad foul. Paul Arriola came in strong, winning a free kick in extra time at the 47th minute which resulted in a second yellow for Amro Tarek, sending him off the field with a red card.

With the second half underway, both teams were down to 10 men and RBNY leading with 1-0. Second half began strong and hard from D.C. knowing they have to bring in a goal. Attacking from Ola Kamara in the 51st minute did not end in a goal, but his right footed shot from outside the box in the 54th minute did result in a goal, bringing the score to an even 1-1. RBNY won a penalty almost instantly in the 56th minute. Murillo went down by Lucas Rodriguez of D.C. United.

Daniel Royer took the penalty in the 58th minute, tying up the game to 2-1 applying the utmost pressure to D.C. United. United took several shots in the 65th and 67th minute, not ending in goals but clearly on attack mode to make up for that goal. Armas substituted Kaku for Bradley Wright-Phillips in the 68th and United substituted Kamara for Quincy Amarikwa.

Two more shots were taken by United in the 69th and 70th, to the point where RBNY is clearly on defense and it seems to be working. Armas brought on Kemar Lawrence for Royerin the 70th minute and United responded by bringing on Luciano Acosta. Soon after, Amarikwa received a yellow card for a bad foul and Aaron Long receiving an injury. Although, Armas clearly opted for defense at the 2-1 lead, United still came in guns blazing to try to tie it up.

Attempts by United were made clearly on attack but none resulted in goals. With 8 minutes given as extra time, RBNY brought it home. Even with Aaron Long’s 3rd injury in extra time, the 2-1 win was brought up. They knew what it meant to win this match not only for them but for the fans.

Multiple injuries during the match leave question marks for who will be on the field come Saturday in the Hudson Derby. If RBNY can ride this momentum for Saturday, another win will be in the bag, proving that play offs are in our future and we haven’t given up just yet. Stay tuned for Saturday!

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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