Stroud and Duncan Lift Red Bulls II Over Nashville

An even match through the first 10 minute; Nashville FC struck first as Ken Tribbet headed in a goal on a corner kick barely out of the reach of Evan Louro. The match fell back to an evenly contested match, with not too many options coming for the Red Bulls II.

More opportunities came for Nashville, but they could not capitalize on them, with good defending coming out of the backline. Around the 26th minute mark, saw more great link-up sequences for the Red Bulls II. A few chances came close to goal but were easily handled by Nashville’s keeper Connor Sparrow.

Before the first half is done and over with, Jared Stroud taps in a goal, his 11th of the season. This comes after great low cross from Kyle Duncan, with a pretty great dummy by Sebastian Elney. That goal would see off the half with the teams all leveled.

The start of the second half saw Red Bulls II apply the pressure. They take Nashville off guard, but could not capitalize on their opportunities. It settled on a back and forth even match between the two teams; just before Forest Lasso got a second yellow and was sent off.

At the 71st minute Kyle Duncan with time and space scores and put Red Bulls II up 2-1. The pressure continued while Red Bulls II did not let up on Nashville. They continued the attack but not finding a good opportunity to convert their chances.

The game fell into a lull for the closing minutes and evenly contested. Red Bulls II slowed down the game by a considerable amount. Trying to professionally close out the game by draining out the clock by playing the ball with short timed passes; trying to control the ball as much as possible. Nashville continued to try to find weaknesses in the backline. They came close once in the dying minutes, but would not be able to find an equalizer as the whistle called the game to an end.

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