Three thoughts on New York Red Bulls II loss to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Bob Lilley continues to frustrate New York Red Bulls II

It can not be denied that Bob Lilley is a good coach. He is one of the better coaches in the USL, and always gets his teams playing well down the stretch when it matters most. However, it is more the style of play that has made Bob Lilley coached teams a kryptonite for NYRBII.

Pittsburgh is a physical team that plays compact and looks to hit on the counter with direct balls into the channels vacated by fullbacks pushing up. After the game Wolyniec stated the style of play “leaves us with Plan B already and that is always a challenge.”

Despite the loss the game was pretty even with no team really gaining a true upper hand at any given point. Certain moments were good but teams that bunker are always going to be hard to break down. That task gets harder if you are not sharp and decisive with your actions.

“I let the guys know that I thought we played well today. Just let ourselves down in a couple moments, a couple places, couple things tactically, technically, we could have done better.”

Jean Christophe Koffi is turning the corner

I find myself writing about Koffi again because he keeps impressing. Over the past month it has seemed he has turned a corner in his development. He is looking more comfortable on the field with every game and has taken a big step forward. John Wolyniec had this to say after the game.

“Yeah, we’ve been really positive with him. Over the last few games, St Louis game was very good, Memphis game was very good. He’s starting to show all the tools that we knew he had, that could allow him to be dominant and to catch on how to play with us and not only play with us but also bring his strengths to what we do.”

Looking ahead to Nashville SC

NYRBII have an entire week to prepare for a replay of a storm canceled game from earlier in the year. Nashville is similar to Pittsburgh in that they want to sit back and be strong defensively before looking to hit on a counter. It will be another tough game for New York Red Bulls 2 but playing two similar teams could provide an advantage when preparing.

It will allow the staff and team to focus on the mistakes made against Pittsburgh and hone in on specific details to be corrected. With a full week to prep Nashville provides a great opportunity to bounce back from this loss while also capturing an important 3 points on the road.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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