Red Bull Mid-Season Report Card: Defenders

Center Backs

Amro Tarek: A-

Amro Tarek has been a revelation this season. He joined from Orlando where he was just ok. The expectation coming in was he would be a solid depth piece and not much more. Well he has smashed those expectations and made a case that he deserves a spot in the best 11. Imagining where the team is with out him is a scary thought.

Aaron Long: B

Aaron has battled injuries and been away with the national team which has shortened the evaluation period. I almost gave him an N/A because of that. However, he gets a B because he has been solid but hasn’t quite reached the MLS defender of the year level.

Tim Parker: C+

Parker got rewarded for his good play with brand new big money deal in the offseason. Since then he has been disappointing. His distribution which has never been a strength of his has taken a step back. Defensively he is making more mistakes. He has been caught out far to many times and caught sleeping and beat by attackers. If he doesn’t want to lose his spot to Amro Tarek he will have to step up.

Sean Nealis: C+

Sean Nealis play has been up and down as he has learned the system and adapted to the pro game. He also has not been done many favors for some of the tough situations the coaching staff has put him in as a rookie. What has encouraged me is that he has gotten better as the season progressed. With everyone healthy he should spend the rest of the season becoming more consistent with Red Bull 2.

Outside backs:

Amir Murillo: C+

When Amir Murillo is locked in he is one of the best fullbacks in the league. However, this season he has not been getting locked in as much. That being said he is still Red Bull best right back and the team is much better with him on the field.

Kyle Duncan: C

Kyle Duncan year has been just average. They say its often the season after you return from a knee injury that you are at your best and hopefully that is true for Duncan as well. Being forced to play left back despite have little confidence in his left foot has not helped him one bit.

Kemar Lawrence: B+

Kemar Lawrence is similar to Aaron Long in that he has been away from the team due to injury and national team duty. Just like Long he has not reached his peak form yet and has struggled in possession this year.

Connor Lade: C

In the ideal Red Bull roster Lade is the utility full back that you use when your first and second string are both out. This year he has been used as a starter a lot more than you would hope for and the results similar to Duncan have been average.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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