Red Bull Mid-Season Report Card: Goalkeepers

By Bill Reno

Welcome to the Red Bull Report Card. The Red Bull News Network team will be giving our takes and grades for each Red Bull Player. We will go by position groups and start with our 3 first team goalies. For the goalies we brought back Goalkeeping coach and writer Bill Reno to be our expert.

Luis Robles: C-

It’s been a “one step forward, one step back” sort of season for Robles. He’s visibly slower and has given up goals that you would expect from a 35-year-old to concede. He hasn’t sunk the team’s run of form as the Red Bulls are gunning for home-field advantage but it’s hard to argue he’s really contributed in a positive way overall. At half a million dollars, the fifth highest-paid goalkeeper in MLS shouldn’t be limited to leadership in the locker room and (hopefully) clutch plays in the playoffs.

Ryan Meara: C-

Hasn’t played much and hasn’t shined when he did. Meara is on track to be a Red Bulls backup goalkeeper for a decade.

Evan Louro: B+

Louro showed up to preseason a little slimmer and his play seems to reflect. The Michigan alum has always had quick reflexes, but he’s moving more agile in goal in now. Tactically, he’s still using aggression as a crutch to solve problems, something MLS strikers haven’t been bothered by for the past few years. The overall progression is encouraging, but if he’s MLS-ready is a question we’ll only find out the answer to when he gets in goal with the first team.

Photo by Bill Twomey Photography

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