NYRB u23 Round-up: Baby Bulls finish up road games as they begin a homestand

Fri. June 21st, 2019

Ocean City Nor’easters 0-0 NYRB u23

A little over a week after the Nor’easters went to the Red Bull Training Facility and left with a point, the Red Bulls paid them a visit and left Ocean City with a point as both teams tied nil-nil.

Game Day Roster:

Goalkeepers: Marcellin Gohier
Defenders: Chinenye Uche, Zachary Brown, Kevin O’Toole, Richard Wolf, Jordan Bailon, Benjamin Bograd
Midfielders: Skylar Conway, Jeanpaul Marin, Kazu Shigenobu
Forwards: Brian Saramago, Jonathan Filipe, Josiah Crawford, Jack Valderrabano, Emmanuel Agboola

Wed. June 26th, 2019

Evergreen FC 1-1 NYRB u23

Macky Diop gave his side an early lead as the second half went underway, tying Jonathan Filipe for team leader in goals on the U23 side with four apiece.

The lead did not last long however as Evergreen tied them 10 minutes later, leaving each team with a point at the end of the game.

Evergreen must have been happier with this result. NYRB dropped six on them the last time they met.

Game Day Roster:

Goalkeepers: Matthew Frank
Defenders: Chinenye Uche, Zachary Brown, Sean Teixeira, Benjamin Bograd, Jared Juleau
Midfielders: Skylar Conway, Allen Gavilanes, Jeanpaul Marin, Antonio Colacci, Nicholas Schimbeno, Omar Sowe, Barry Sharifi
Forwards: Brian Saramago, Amadou Macky Diop, Jack Valderrabano, Emmanuel Agboola

Sat. June 29th, 2019

Reading United AC 2-2 NYRB u23

NYRB were upset at themselves to not leave PA with all three points when they paid a visit to the conference leaders, who have yet to taste defeat.

Brian Saramago put his fourth goal of the season away with five minutes left to play in the first half. The U23’s now has a three-way tie for the team golden boot, with Saramago joining Filipe and Diop.

It looked as if Reading were going to get their first loss of the season when Emmanuel Agboola gave the away side a two-goal cushion with 15 minutes remaining in the game.

Though Reading showed why they are the conference leaders with an 8-0-3 record when they bagged two late goals in the last eight minutes of play to split the points and stay undefeated.

Game Day Roster:

Goalkeepers: Matthew Frank
Defenders: Chinenye Uche, Kevin O’Toole, Sean Teixeira, Benjamin Bograd, Zachary Brown
Midfielders: Allen Gavilanes, Jeanpaul Marin, Martieon Watson, Kazu Shigenobu, Skylar Conway, Barry Sharifi
Forwards: Brian Saramago, Jack Valderrabano, Emmanuel Agboola


The NYRB u23s now have their last four remaining games at home in which they’ll play within a two-week span.

Even though they come back home having taken three points on this three-game road trip, their current record of 3-3-5 and 14 points leaves them three spots from the bottom. They’ve played 11 games, having scored 20 goals and surrendering 15.

As previously mentioned, Reading United AC still leads the Mid Atlantic Division with 27 points. Behind them are the Long Island Rough Riders with 20 points, the Ocean City Nor’easters with 18, Cedar Stars Rush with 15, and Lehigh Valley United with 14 – who is above NYRB having won more games.

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