#AskRBNN: Bold Predictions for the 2019 Season

New Season, new predictions. From almost everyone at RBNN.

No longer thinking of the 2018 season, we searched within ourselves of where the New York Red Bulls would find themselves at the end of 2019. Plus looking back is fun and you can always make fun of yourself for either thinking so highly or so lowly of the specific prediction. With the ever silly pre-season antics, sometimes it’s nice to look forward to the season ahead.

The question posed and with emphasis on boldness: “What are your bold predictions for the 2019 Season”

Actual predictions may vary in boldness.

Starting off with Editor Joe Goldstein with by far the boldest prediction not knowing how right he would be:
“Anatole Abang revives his career” – February 1st

Let’s be fair though; it’s not like his career is fully revived yet.

Additionally shout out to Fernando Gonzalez with the evergreen quote in MetroFanTV:
“If we somehow coerce any club in this planet to pay a transfer fee for Anatole Abang, that will
FOREVER be the single greatest transfer in MLS history.”

Kyle Debelak AKA “Mr. Fanny Packs are Fashionable”:
“Robles to score a goal / the club will sign a new DP, and the transfer fee is a club record.”

John Perdicaro:
“Koffi Wins USL Rookie of the Year / Kaku breaks the teams assist record.”

Sylvana Budesheim:
“Marc Rzatkowski doubles his goal tally for the season.”

Joseph Steen:
“Kaku has more goals than assists this year.”

Justin Sousa:
“BWP goes under 15 goals this season.”

Garry Redman:
“Team will not have as many points in 2019 as they did in 2018. But they will still make the playoffs.”

Liam Pettit:
“Mathias Jørgensen scores at least 10 goals this year.”

Eric Friedlander:
“Kyle Duncan becomes the starter at right back.”

What are your bold predictions for 2019?
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