Kaku’s Agent Pushes for Transfer or Pay Raise


The agent for Alejandro Romero Gamarra isn’t staying silent, speaking to ESPN Deportes about his client’s issues around the recent Club America interest. Gustavo Casasola held nothing back, criticizing the New York Red Bulls and demanding action.

Better his player’s contract or move him along to the Mexican club

“I spoke with Denis Hamlett,” said Casasola. “I told him what would happen if I got him an offer of six and a half or seven million and he told me to present it and what could be given.”

Reports last week were that the Red Bulls turned down an offer between seven or eight million dollars and countered with an ask of 12 million. Kaku, to his credit, has remained mostly silent. He is participating in preseason training, allowing his agent and the team to handle the situation. Still, there is a push for Kaku to either move or receive a higher salary.

A bigger contract?

“He has a bad salary compared to his quality,” said Casasola. “It is a good salary, compared to any person, but if they tell me that it is in its price at the level of Josef Martinez, he earns five times less than Josef. I do not understand. The player’s career is very short and the player’s time is six or seven years. This contract improves the life of his family.”

Currently Kaku makes slightly over 700,000 according to the MLS Players Salary guide. His 14 assists in 2018 placed him in seventh place in the league and just four off of the top spot. Looking at the other playmakers salaries above him, only one player in the top seven makes less than Kaku. All others are in the one million or more more category.

Kaku himself has been mostly quiet, leaving his agent and the team to deal with the situation. However, when pressed about the issue, he made strong comments about his desire to play in Mexico.

“Reaching Liga MX is very important for my career,” said Kaku to ESPN Deportes. “It’s a great club with a lot of history and that motivates you with those challenges.”

Photo by Steve Hamlin

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