Three things to watch for during the Combine

While the combine value has diminished as a tool for evaluating talent over the years, it is still a great chance for fans to get a look at potential draft picks for there team.

For the New York Red Bulls, the draft is used to fill the NYRBII roster. So taking a risk on a combine standout is something they are not afraid to do. Here are 3 areas I will be focusing on day one:

Center Back

If you read my other pre-draft piece you may think I’m obsessed with Center Backs. I can confirm that I am not, however, with only 4 center backs between the MLS and USL roster it is a place the organization will have to address. I will be keeping my eye on 3 players in particular. Jacob Hauser Ramsey is a former Seattle Sounder Academy player.

Many mock drafts have him going to the Red Bulls so I’m interested to see what his game is like. Prosper Figbe played two seasons at USF before transferring to Virginia. The last highlights I have seen are from when he is at USF and I was impressed so once again I’m interested to see what he got. The final player is Kamal Miller was a rock on the Syracuse backline. Based off highlights he looks like a guy who could fit in well at NYRBII.

Outside Backs

Last year the Red Bulls drafted Niko De Vera and picked up Lucas Stauffer however neither stood out and are not returning this year. With limited options at NYRBII, I will be looking to see if any players stand out.

Central Midfielders

NYRBII have openings in the center of midfield with only Chris Lema returning. This is not as pressing of a need as Jean Christophe Koffi will most likely start in USL but depth is needed. Anderson Asiedu is on my watch list. He played two seasons with the U-23 team then transferred to UCLA. If he is around when the Red Bulls pick in the third round he could be their guy.

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