Exclusive: Allen Yanes in talks to rejoin NYRBII

The New York Red Bulls II let Allen Yanes’s contract expire after the 2018 season, but they may be on the verge of bringing the player back to Montclair in 2019.

NYRBII announced their roster moves on November 13th, since then Yanes situation remained in radio silence. Yanes, and midfielder Andrew Tinari, were the only two players out of contract at the end of the season.

Word on both players has been scant. However, sources indicate Tinari is unlikely to return to NYRBII next season. Yanes’s situation seemed equally bleak until RBNN spoke to Yanes this week.

Allen Yanes joined NYRBII midseason from Guatamalan club Antigua on July 11th. It took him a few weeks to begin seeing regular minutes, but proved himself during the course of the season. He finished the season with 76% tackles won, 1 assist, and 7 key passes in 9 starts.. 

Yanes said he enjoyed his time with the team and felt he integrated into the grueling Red Bull system. He cemented a position in the starting XI thanks to strong performances down the stretch.

“I didn’t get to play immediately but I did train,” Yanes told RBNN. “Even on my free time outside so I could learn more about the system they had. I was very interested by it, and I wanted to learn it fast so I could have a place in the team. It took me a bit, but I think I adapted to it pretty quickly just because of all those times of putting in practice and learning about the system.”

Despite the strong finish, Yanes found himself out of contract. While his next destination is still not settled, he says he is in talks to return for another season in Montclair.

“Well the season ended and I knew that my contact was just only to the end of the season,” Yanes said. “I can say we’re in talks over a new contract, and I think it’s going down the right path. There are still a few things to work out and to look at other opportunities. Pretty soon I’ll be confident in where I’ll be playing next.”

Those other opportunities lie within the US and Guatamala according to Yanes. NYRBII retained five players from the 2018 squad, and desperately need to rebuild the squad.

Team sources declined to confirm or comment on the status of Yanes’s negotiations.

NYRBII lost Hassan Ndam, Kevin Politz, and Ethan Kutler this offseason. Should Yanes and the team fail to come to terms, the entire 2018 backline must be rebuilt.

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