Salzburg Meet Norwegian Counterpart in Europa League – SALZBURG PREVIEW

Red Bull Salzburg (or FC Salzburg in the European play) are looking into a mirror when they meet Norwegian side Rosenborg on Thursday in the UEFA Europa League. Both teams have had success in their native lands but are hoping to branch out with victories across the continent and look to the upcoming game as a high profile affair.

Salzburg Meet Norwegian Counterpart in Europa League – SALZBURG PREVIEW

“Rosenborg are probably facing their last chance on Thursday,” said manager Marco Rose about his opposition’s poor play in the competition thus far. “They are going to put everything they can into the match. If we don’t counteract this, things could go wrong for us very quickly. Matches are almost always very close at this level, so we need to continue to be determined and focused.”

Salzburg has had tremendous success to start their European campaign. A dramatic 3-2 win over RB Leipzig and a 3-1 win over Celtic have them on top of the group with a cushion that relieves some of the stress heading into the usually busy winter months. Rosenborg on the other hand have been poor and lost their first two games to RB Leipzig and Celtic. This is their chance to turn things around but expectations are that Salzburg should be able to handle the fixture easily.

“Rosenborg have a similar status in Norway as we do in Austria,” said striker Fredrik Gulbrandsen. “You expect that they will win every match. As they haven’t managed that so easily recently that supposedly means they have problems. It will definitely be a difficult match for us though, as they are a technically strong and well-functioning team.”

While Rosenborg haven’t produced in the competition, Salzburg has. Munas Dabbur leads the competition with three goals scored. The team is tied for second most goals scored in the competition thus far. The glut of talent off the bench is another bright spot for Salzburg. Minamino and Gulbrandsen have made Rose’s choices difficult. Yabo and Haidara are also pressing for time with nearly every player producing when called upon.

A win for Salzburg puts them in good footing to make it into the knockout stage. It is only halfway through the group stage but their performance relieves pressure and puts the onus on the other teams in the group to catch them. It also puts added pressure on Leipzig in their impending rematch in Germany. While both teams may progress, who wins the group will be something that both sides will wish have

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