Bradley Wright-Phillips To Miss Game Vs Atlanta United

New York Red Bulls have their most important match up in the Season next week. The match could very well decide the Supporters Shield race against Atlanta United. Due to Yellow Card Accumulation Bradley Wright-Phillips will miss it.

Bradley Wright-Phillips To Miss Game Vs Atlanta United

Wright-Phillips is known to keep a calm demeanor on the pitch. Officially PRO cites the yellow for the following. “He disputed that there was a foul that was not called that he suffered. Multiple use of the word “F—“ directed at the assistant referee in an aggressive manner.”

From Wright-Phillips’ perspective he only used the word once. “What I said wasn’t that bad,” said Wright-Phillips following the match. “It just had a swear word in it and he’s got my arm, then you get booked and I miss the biggest game of the season next week. It’s ridiculous.”

Coach Chris Armas and his teammates will all attest to that Wright-Phillips isn’t the type of player to bring his anger onto the field. Chris Armas even said the following after the game.

“It’s unfortunate he’ll miss the game,” said Armas. “Of course things are said all the time, but Bradley Wright-Phillips is not the guy that crosses the line. So for us to see certain guys get away with verbal, verbally getting after referees and for Brad himself, he doesn’t, no one respects the game more. He shows it the way he does and in games we don’t think he gets a lot of leeway and the benefit of the doubt at times.”

Armas is correct. In all the time Wright-Phillips took the field, he never had verbal spats with any of the referees. The difference in opinions when a play is called, absolutely. You cannot expect for players to not voice their opinion when they believe they were fouled.

Luis Robles also voiced his disapproval of the booking.

“Remember Brad has an accent so every time he yells it sounds like he is cussing,” said Robles. “He’s not cussing, he’s just say what’s up, cheerio and it’s just unbelievable. The one time he is getting fouled and he is being fouled again every game and he turns around and says something, it’s a yellow. You look around the league and it’s just so frustrating because I just feel like here is a guy, an honest player.”

Unlike a straight Red Card, Yellow card accumulation cannot be protested or over turned. It may very well all fall on Brian White. Although seeing Anatole Abang back on the first team would be nice, even it’s within the 18.

Photo by John Perdicaro

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