Red Bulls Look To Keep Up Tempo Against Montreal Impact

The New York Red Bulls come to Montreal on a 5 match undefeated streak and a two match winning streak. The Montreal Impact are coming off a week of rest while the Red Bulls only come off a 2 day one.

The Impact also are in a poor run of form, most recently losing 3-1 against Toronto FC. The Red Bulls look to capitalize on the Impact’s poor form with most of their starters well rested for the game.

Red Bulls Look To Keep Up Tempo Against Montreal Impact

The Red Bulls are currently leading the Standing and the Shield Race however after training Head Coach Chris Armas doesn’t think pressure is a factor going into the game

“You know, we – the staff, don’t really talk about it,” said Armas from training. “We’re focused on what we’re doing, but the guys know where they’re at, and it matters to them. I think that helped even the guys that came into the team [in Wednesdays game]. There is not[sic] pressure, but there is expectations and there is goals.”

Armas is right, even in this high-pressure environment somehow the players have pushed through and provided results.

As for the Impact, the players and Armas are cautious.

“They’re always tough against us, we know they beat us in the playoffs,” said Armas. “They’re always good in their building. Like Houston their strength and our challenge you know transition, always dealing with Piatti and Mancosu they’re dangerous. They have dangerous talent.”

After Training, Bradley Wright-Philips also commented on Piatti and Mancosu.

“They have some great attacking options,” said Wright-Phillips. “Piatti obviously and I’m a big fan of Mancosu, great striker I think his movement is very good. They’re going to cause trouble for the back line but I think our back line has been very good this season probably the strongest part of our team. It’ll be a test for them.

While they haven’t had an amazing season, to brush off Piatti and Mancosu in the upcoming game is dangerous. Long and Parker have to be on top of their game on Saturday.

Projected starters


Players To Watch

Alejandro Romero-Gamarra: Expect for ‘Kaku’ to finally go back into Assist Leader mode. With 45 goals conceded for the Impacgt this season, ‘Kaku’ has a great opportunity to exploit the Impacts’ back line, and provide great assists to Bradley Wright-Phillips and Daniel Royer.

Ignacio Piatti: With 12 goals and 9 assists I expect him to be a thorn to the back line if he can shrug off Tyler Adams.

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