#AskRBNN – What are your RBNY pre-game superstitions or rituals?


Whether it’s knocking on wood, carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot, or never stepping on cracks on a sidewalk, just about everyone has some kind of pattern or superstition they maintain to feel more secure.

Naturally, years of watching the MetroStars and Red Bulls has taught some of the team’s most diehard fans to adapt patterns of their own in hopes that it will somehow influence the outcome of the game.

It probably doesn’t, but it’s hard as hell to prove a negative!

We decided to investigate the phenomenon anyway and posed the question to RBNN’s writers:

#AskRBNN – What are your RBNY pre-game superstitions or rituals?

Garry R. – Let’s see:  1.) Always arrive a hour before kickoff, just because; 2.) Always enter the arena through Gate B; 3.) Always pay a visit to see my friends in South Ward to give a pep talk, plead with them to “be loud”, especially against a large road contingent and/or a very big game; 4.) Never wear the same scarf after a loss; 5.) Always buy an extra ticket for The Girlfriend for the last home match; 6.) Shake the hand of an enemy supporter – If we lose at home; 7.) Honor the OG MLS teams we play against by wearing the MetroStars shirt, not Red Bull.

Joe G. – I don’t anymore, but I used to when I was a season ticket holder. I used to wear my 2005 jersey, and eat the same eggplant parm from the same sandwich place before every match. The shop closed down in 2009, so now you know what happened there.

John Perdicaro – I never had a ritual outside of wearing my Red Bull Jersey with my last name on it to games if you can call that a ritual. I know that no matter what I do or how I do it, the result is from what the players do. It’s not because of something I bring or do.

Steve Toto – I always wear my jersey. Doesn’t matter if it’s 30 or 100 degrees. It may not be the top layer, but it’s always on. Recently, I bought a red pair of Chuck Taylors that I wear to each game. I eat at 5 Guys near the Arena, then stop at Corked for a few drinks. I never drink beer from the opposing team’s area (i.e. New England : Sam Adams).

Kyle Debelak – I don’t really have a ritual. I never was superstitious for anything, sports or otherwise. [Author’s Note: Way to spoil the fun, Kyle!]

Liam Pettit – I haven’t bought a RBNY jersey since 2011 so whenever I went to a game I would always wear my red and black Metrostars jersey from 1997.

Tzvi M. – I try to always shave the day of a game. I don’t know why, but I always feel more confident about the team when my face feels smooth.


Final Vote: While everyone has one unique ritual or another, a common superstition held by five of seven authors polled is wearing a jersey – Red Bulls or MetroStars.

Hey, it’s not crazy if it works!

What are your pre-game Red Bulls superstitions? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Red lipstick! Started the first NY derby this year and the one game I didn’t put it on was the game against Columbus so it’s become a thing.

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