Leipzig Rising Star Timo Werner Excited About Future Coach

RB Leipzig star striker Timo Werner cannot wait to work with the equally young and exciting manager Julian Nagelsmann. Nagelsmann will take over at the East German club starting next season. Werner, a promising, talented striker, looks ready to make himself a staple in the European club game. He hopes that working alongside the young head coach will take him to the next level.

Leipzig Rising Star Timo Werner Excited About Future Coach

“Julian Nagelsmann is the best coach in Germany,” said Werner. “For me, that plays an important role in my thinking (about future plans). It would be attractive to work with him for a few more years. He can bring us very far as a team and in terms of (us as) young players.”

Werner admitted that he was not fully committed to staying at Leipzig following two successful campaigns. Other bright stars like Naby Keita had already made the moves to bigger clubs in Europe. Interest is still certainly there for someone of Werner’s caliber. Many had wondered if he would depart the team this season. The club remains stern on their hopes that the young German would stay.

“I’ve completely switched off those thoughts now,” said Werner. “I have two more years on my contract, (and want to) concentrate fully on the football side of things and on having the greatest possible success with Leipzig as we try to get back into the Champions League.”

Werner’s contract puts a time stamp on the potential success Leipzig can have with him as their goal-scorer. Should his relationship with Nagelsmann prove fruitful, he may remain with the club longer and could set them up as one of the premier sides in Europe given their propensity for stockpiling bright young talent.

Fans of the only East German Bundesliga club will breathe easy knowing of his plans to remain at the club but success in the league and Europe will be essential to keeping him happy in the coming year.

Photo from Bundesliga.com

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