Report: U-18 National Team Prospect Joining the Academy from Napoli [UPDATED]

The summer months for academy players is a time to rest and prep for the upcoming season. For academy directors and coaches it is a time to figure out what kids will stay as well a time to bring in new players.

The Red Bulls Academy lost a talented player this week in Peter Stroud, but it is the incoming transfers that should raise an eyebrow.

The Red Bulls have been very active this summer, bringing in highly-rated striker Dontouma Toure from PDA. In a recent tweet about Toure, one of the top Twitter accounts for following young American soccer players, USAProspects teased that another star was heading to the Red Bulls. Today, word spread that player is Sal Esposito (2001).

Esposito started his youth career with Manhattan Kickers the same team Current Red Bull Homegrown Alex Muyl started with. In 2010 he moved to Italy where he played for Genoa before moving to napoli this time last year.

In June he received his first youth national team call up when Omid Namazi called him into a camp at the U.S. Soccer National Development Center in Kansas City, Kan. Esposito transition has been quick as he is already training with NYRBII. The most recent NYRBII infocus shows him behind Scott Levene in a photo.

I admittedly have seen very little of this player, but from what I have seen he has quick feet on the ball and the ability to beat a man. I also heard that he is a good fit and the fact that he is already training, leads me to believe the organization rates him highly.


Team sources denied Esposito signed with the academy, but is instead training with the USL squad. There are a number of academy aged players that have trained with NYRBII during the summer. Some of these players train with the USL squad since the academy teams are not training currently.

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