Report: Peter Stroud leaves Red Bull Academy for West Ham

Today, US Soccer announced the roster for a set of U-17 national team friendlies against Costa Rica.

The roster includes New York Red Bulls Academy left-back, John Tolkin who has solidified a spot in the U-17 national team over the past year. Also, on that roster is talented central midfielder Peter Stroud. The club listed is West Ham United.

Report: Peter Stroud leaves Red Bull Academy for West Ham

Stroud had been in Slovakia, training with the West Ham Academy for a few weeks. But sources told RBNN it was just a training stint. However, club sources have confirmed that Peter Stroud has left the Academy.

Peter should have no problem getting a UK passport as his father is from England.

As fans of the club, it is never easy to see academy players leave especially with no form of solidarity payment possible. However, it’s not all bad news. When you have an elite academy, as the Red Bulls do, you are always at risk of losing players.

That risk is heightened when players can easily obtain dual citizenship. The fact that a player can make the move overseas, shows that the Red Bulls are doing a good job developing talent. The Academy is aalso doing the only thing it can when it loses players, they are bringing in new players.

Recently it was announced that highly rated striker Dantouma Toure joined the academy and, in the know account USAProspects, reported Toure isn’t the only player joining the Academy.

While losing Peter Stroud is not ideal it is not the end of the world for the Red Bull Academy.

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